We develop state-of-the-art, user-friendly, secure and functionally-rich software products. Our suite of products includes integrated solutions for companies, inventory and material management, employee management, school management, security and management applications.


Edublooms is our flagship product. It is a Campus Management System designed to meet the day-to-day requirements of any educational campus. With modules like Academic-Management, Staff-Management, Attendance, Lesson-Planning, Examination-Management, Transcript-Management, Transport-Management, Payroll-Management etc., this product is a one-stop solution for any campus whereby you would never have to look at another software.

With a configurable wall page for every school/college you may not even need to spend money and resources for your own website. Highly sophisticated yet affordable it is at part with any top campus management solutions around the world.


eFeedo is a simple, easy-to-use, user-friendly, and highly affordable cloud-based application for Restaurants, take-aways, bakery shops, and food delivery units.

Digital Menu

Create clean and aesthetically appealing menu categories, and menu items with custom images. Take items on and off the menu or change pricing and taxes at will. Ability to define menu-item variants and add-ons with independent pricing.

Billing/POS Software/Reporting

State-of-the-art POS software with ability to add country-specific/custom tax headers for each menu item, generate and print orders, add discounts, switch between taxed and estimate view. eFeedo has simple and easy report generation for tracking sales by item, order-type, payment modes, tax types, etc.

Inventory, Vendors, & Employee Management

Simple and easy-to-use inventory management system with ability to add invoices and load inventory stock directly. The system also allows you to track vendor payments and balances dynamically.

Digital KOT/KOT Queue

eFeedo lets you generate the traditional KOT (Kitchen-order ticket or put up a touchscreen display system with digital KOTs or live tabular queue. It also supports department-specific queues for restaurants with multiple kitchens or kitchen areas.

Shop Tickets/Special Orders

If you are a bakery shop, or a restaurant with an attached bakery/sweetmeat shop, the system will allow you to generate and track shop tickets for packaging items with instructions.

eFeedo Enterprise

eFeedo Enterprise lets you manage:

  • Production within one or more factories with ease.
  • Outlets with simplicity and cohesion.
  • Inventory warehouses, stores, and godowns with complete harmony and dependability.
  • Inventory transfers between production facility and outlets.
  • Direct orders from outlets with optimal, and timely production using state-of-the-art FDS (factory Display System), KDS (Kitchen Display System), and SDS (Shop Display System).
  • Precisely, raw material demand and outlay through recipes.
  • Purchase orders and track vendor payments and ratings with ease.
  • And much moreā€¦

    With HRgee, you can offload a big chunk of your HR to this cloud-based application, giving your HR personnel efficient tools to manage their day-to-day jobs with efficiency.

    Recruitment, Onboarding & Staffing

    HRgee lets you advertise your job positions with ease and lets interested candidates send resumes and capture the data therein to filter what you are looking for. It will let you onboard fresh recruits, upload their documents and manage their transfers and promotions and events with ease.

    Employee HR Management

    From day-to-day management of workforce, to management of leaves and approvals, employee communication, performance management, training & development, issuing and management of documents, HRgee has it all.

    Attendance, Benefits & Compensation

    HRgee lets you track hours and attendance of your entire workforce, manually or biometrically. It will let you setup and generate payroll with ease. This state-of-the-art solution can be used to automate employee attendance with ease. With possible integration with most bio-metric or RFID devices, it can automate the entire workflow for employee attendance within any organization. It has optional automatic hooks to leave management system as also the payroll system. The software will also track your timing based on organizational timings and holiday calendar. The software also boasts of a rich user interface for individual reports and admin reports with minute details of overtime (OT) and deficient hours/minutes.


    This is a complete cloud-based solution for corporate and institutions for all their training, testing, evaluations, and learning needs. It is a complete LMS. Whether it is a training company, an independent trainer, or an internal Training Program, TestCone lets you get/offer instructor-led/online training with ease.


    Setting up modular e-learning/instructor-led courses is a breeze with multiple types of activities and content.


    Proctored/un-proctored Testing/Pre-employment screening/Campus recruitment tests can now be a breeze for HR or recruitment agencies.


    Be it a school, college, or University, testing students can now be a breeze. Manage your question banks, set up quizzes, configure these and evaluate results in minutes.

    Workforce Evaluations

    With TestCone, companies can conduct employees the way they want to. TestCone can also help them with assessment tests and employee surveys.

    Standardized Test Preparations

    With test bundles set up by the top professionals and training companies, your practice sessions can now be more meaningful and targeted.